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New Website for international Squash Coach


It started on vacation: Granada, Spain. German journalist & PR expert René Schellbach met Karen Cheung from the UK. Their conversation in English flowed much easier than Spanish. As they talked about work and life the idea of starting a new squash website with Rene’s involvement came together. Now is online.

Karen was a member of the gold medal winning Hong Kong squash team at the East Asian Games in 1996. She has accumulated over 25 years of professional experience as a coach, mental skills trainer and manager. During that time she has been to various countries; one of her coaching highlights was her appointment as the Trinidad & Tobago National Coach and Manager at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

When René met Karen she had already made a good start with a website kit, but found limitations with design options. Given René’s experience with Joomla’s open source content management system he was able to encourage Karen to reconsider.

Sportingahead was created entirely by email. René helped with advice in web-hosting, choosing domains as well as making proposals from a journalistic and technical perspective. Karen contributed her pictures and texts, while René took care of the design and image editing.

The result is a modern, responsive site in English, ready for an international audience. Karen hopes to pass on her wealth of knowledge and expertise to a wide audience.

This is Karen‘s appreciation of the project: